Show result NBFK Vestby Breakpoint' Azora of Ulthra CAC 2nd best female.

New photos of Nadjarah's Ladonna and Nadjarah's One Life.

Breakpoint' Azora of Ulthra Hips A and elbows 0.
Nadjarah's Norse Fenris Hips A and elbows 0.
We will have a litter with Azora (g) in 2021 and "Frøya" (t) in 2022.
Inquiries are most welcome.

Nadjarah's One Blood Hips A and elbows 0.
Nadajrah's Niro Hips A and elbows 0.
New photos of Breakpoint' Azora of Ulthra and Nadjarah's Myrcella.


Nadjarah's Nato elbows free.

Godt Nyttår ! Bonne année ! Happy new Year !

Gelukkig niewjaar ! Felice anno nuovo!