07.07.2018. New photos of Nadjarah's Magic "Amigo".

05.07.2018. Nadjarah's Niro and Nadjarah's Nico for sale

02.07.2018. New photos of the puppies 45 days old.

26.06.2018. New photos of the puppies 40 days old.

23.06.2018. Nadjarah's Myranda CAC, best female, BOS at show in Trømsø.
New photos of Nadjarah's Myranda.

17.06.2018. New photos of the puppies 31 days old.

09.06.2018.The puppy names are: Norse Fenris, Nivo Night, Nato, Niro, Nico & Nirian.
New photos of the puppies 23 days old.

03.06.2018. Our new female Azora has arrived.

02.06.2018. New photo of Nadjarah's Magic "Amigo".

25.05.2018. The puppies  one week old.

19.05.2018. New photos of Nadjarah's Jarah and Nadjarah's Ladonna.
And new photo of Nadjarah's Maddox

18.05.2018. Nadjarah's Lush
1st in post grad at the Scottish Kennel.

17.05.2018. The puppies are born, 6 males and some are for sale.

13.05.2018. Nadjarah's Myranda Exc, CQ, res. CAC, 2nd best female at dog show.
New photos of Nadjarah's Marey , Kvina's Hit Hard By Magic "Lilly"
and Nadjarah's Legendary Leela

12.05.2018. Nadjarah's Myranda Exc at dog show.

21.04.2018. New photo of Nadjarah's Jon Snow
New photo of Luavjan's Bono The One, 12 years old in May.

07.04.2018. NKK Show in Bergen.
Nadjarah's Lady Sansa CQ, CAC, res Nordic CAC, 2nd best female & Norwegian Show Champion !!
Nadjarah's Lobo Exc. 1st in open class.
Nadjarah's Legandary Leela VG 4th in open class.
Nadjarah's Jon Snow 2nd in open class.

24.03.2018. Nadjarah's Ladonna Exc and BOB at dog show, Sollentuna.

21.03.2018. Nadjarah's Myranda hips and elbows free.

18.03.2018. We hope for puppies in the middle of May !!

12.03.2018. Nadarah's Lobo, Nadjarah's Lady Sansa, Nadjarah's Legendary Leela and
Nadjarah's Myrcella, all elbows free.

08.03.2018. Nadarah's Lobo, Nadjarah's Lady Sansa, Nadjarah's Legendary Leela and
Nadjarah's Myrcella, all hips free.

Nadjarah's Lush VHC at Cruft in Post Graduate Class.

05.02.2018. Nadjarah's Marey "Lilo" hips and elbows free.

02.02.2018. Nadjarah's Mirri "Luna" Hips and elbows free.

Godt Nyttår ! Bonne année ! Happy new Year !

Gelukkig niewjaar ! Felice anno nuovo!