Nadjarah's Norse Fenris.
07.04.2019. NKK Bergen. Judge: Mark Wieber. Exc. 2nd in junior class.

"10 months, corr breed type, compact, well sissled head with corr eyes and ears, lovely express,
level bite, corr angu, g neack and back, g bone, enough subs in body for his age, g tail,
g movment, friendly temp"

06.04.2019. Specialty Show in Bergen. Judge: Sandra Duback. Ex. CQ, CAC, 4th best male.

"10 months, expressionate elegant male, long head, good prop, prefer more stop, dark almond eyes a bit wide placed,
nice shizzling, exc pigment, mid ears well set and carreid on a flat scull, very short construc, slight slooping croop,
g forchest for age but needs to come down, suitable bone, exc cat feet, nice ang exc stands,
g coat and cond, sufficent ground covering movem, carried the tail in a bend, typ male who i would
like to see matured, exc present and temp"


29.12.2018. Specialty Show in Stavanger. Judge: J. Talph.
Honour prize, VP, BOS puppy.

28.12.2018. Specialty Show in Stavanger. Judge M. Pratten.
Honour prize, VP. BOB, Best in Show puppy !!

17.11.2018. NKK. Norsk Vinner 2018. HP, BOB puppy.

14.10.2018. Førde. HP, BOB puppy.

29.09.2018. BSBK. Judge: Leif Ragner Hjort. HP, BOB puppy 4 months old.