Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen.


06.04.2019. Specialty Show in Bergen. Judge: Sandra Duback. Exc, CQ, best female, BOB & BEST IN SHOW !!

"6 years compl scissor bite, beautiful head and exp, lovely dark almond eyes, sufficent stop,
exc muscle, lovely ears well set and carried exc parallism pigment could be more intense, lovely shizzling, exc reach of neck,
 short body, g croup exc top and underline and volume of chest, well ang, slight wekness in pasterns exc feet,
presented in exc cond, lovely coat texture, ood ground covering movem, g tail carrige, lovely present and temp"


29.12.2018. Specialty Show in Stavanger. Exc, CQ, 3rd best female.

28.12.2018. Specialty Show in Stavanger. Exc. CQ. 4th best female.

17.11.2018. NKK LillestrÝm Norsk Vinner. Judge: Benoit Thevenon. Exc, CQ, 1st Champion class, 2nd best female, CACIB

16.11.2018. NKK LillestrÝm Nordisk Vinner. Exc.


16.12.2017. NBFK av Rogaland. Judge: Kelly Lawless. exc. CQ. 1st champion class.

18.11.2017. NKK LillestrÝm. Judge: Jean Lawless. Exc, CQ, 1st champion class, CACIB,
2nd best female. Crufts Qualified 2018.

"4 and 1/2 years, exc. type, feminine, exc. coat and condition,

harmonious oultine, clean well chisseled long head,

 beautiful expression, good volume in muzzle, enough on the jaw, good parallels,
min. stop, exc. ears, exc. neck, top line and croup, stands well,
exc. movement all direction, very expressive female, exc. temp"

30.09.2017. Specilaty Show in Bergen. Exc, CQ.

10.09.2017. NBFK avd. Rogaland Judge, Brice Roise. exc, Q, 3rd  best female.

02.07.2017.Danish Specilaty Show. Judge: Babs Robinson. CQ, 2nd best female.

1.07.2017.Danish Specilaty Show. Judge: Emanuele Boriero.  CQ, 3rd best female.

28.05.2017. The Dutch Specialty. Judge:  Jean-Louis Vandenbemden. 1st in open class.

"4 years old female , from beautiful type. Complete scissorbite, beautiful expression head with good parralelism,
 what long stop. Beautiful & angular high carried ears. Beautiful angulations front and back. Excelelnt bone,
Excellent neck. Straight back, beautiful chest in front. Excellent movemend, a bit narow in front. Placed 1. Excellent.


07.08.2016. Danish Specialty Show. Judge: Pauline Koning-Stern Hanf.  CQ, BOB & BEST IN SHOW !!!

06.08.2016. Danish Specialty Show. Judge: Hana Pisarcikova.  CQ, BOB & BEST IN SHOW !!!

18.06.2016. Finish Specialty Show. Judge: Cath Bond. Exc, CQ, CAC, Best female, BOS. out of 66 females.

17.04.2016. Breed Show Bergen. Judge: Kim Brown. 2nd best female with CQ.


17.10.2015. NKK Hamar. CQ, CACIB, best female, BOB & NW-2015

06.09.2015. EDS LillestrÝm. Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain. Exc. res Cacib.

05.09.2015. NBFK. Breed Show LillestrÝm. Best female, BOB & BEST IN SHOW !!!!!

24.05.2015. NDK avd. Bergen. CQ, CAC, BOB and Danish & Norwegian Show Champion.

And she is not 2 years old :-)

11.04.2015. Breed Show, judge: Cath Bond.
Exc. CQ, best female, BOB, Best in Show Young class & BIS !!!


06.09.2014. Breed Show in Evje. Judge: Thomas Nallin, GR.
Exc, CQ, 3rd best female, BOB junior, BIS 2 junior.

07.09.2014. Breed Show in Evje. Judge: Beata ätżbrovŠ
Exc, CQ, 2nd best female, res. CAC, BOB junior.

29.06.2014. Danish Breed Show. Judge: Satu Ylš-Mononen.
Exc. CQ. CAC. 2nd best female.
28.06.2014. Danish Breed Show. Judge: T.P. Wheeler.
Exc. CQ. CAC. 2nd best female.
22.06.2014. DKK Int. Show Judge: Dan Ericsson.
Exc. CQ. CAC. 2nd best female.
21.06.2014. DKK Int. Show Judge: Gert Christensen.
Exc. CQ. CAC. 2nd best female.

01.06.2014. FMBB in Finland. Judge: Griol. Exc. 3rd in junior class
31.05.2014. The Finish Breed Show in Finland. Judge: Jesper Andersen
Exc., CAC quality, 2nd in junior class.

25.05.2014. 25.05.2014. Norsk Dobberman Klubb avd. Bergen. Judge: Annika Ulltevit-Moe.
CAC quality, CAC, best female, BIM.

06.04.2014. Breed Show in Bergen. Exc. CAC quality, res, CAC, 4th best female, BIS Junior.
05.04.2014. NKK Bergen. CAC quality, 1st junior class, best female, CAC & BOS 11 months old.

NKK 05.04.2014.


29.09.2013. BSBK. BOB puppy.

28.09.2013. Breed Show in Bergen. Judge: Bente Harlem. 2nd best puppy.