s.r. Belgium Ch Grimmendans Nayko.
HD A, Compl. scissorbite.
Passed BH test, passed sociabilitytest, training IPO
C.S.A.U. Exc. +

More photos of Nayko.

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen.

 NBFK-Winner-2015, BISS-2015 NW-15, Danish & Norwegian Show Champion
2 x BISS Norway 2015, 2 x BISS Denmark 2016.
Hips B/B elbows 0/0.

Pedigree for the puppies.

Grimmendans Nayko    Ch Esp.Kent d'Aquivelt                                R.E. CH. Fr. Uccello des  Louves d'Ymonville A cant, tan, Br, Obedience, Br. Ring
  SS sr Ch Club CHE Heidi d'Aquivelt A cant, csau, tan                                            
 Belgian Work Ch Grimmendans Kachet A  Ch Lu/ Nl/ De Grimmendans Fourlan A   tst
s.r. Grimmendans Cameo A
 NW-15. DH Ch   NCh 4 x BISS Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen

p.E. DK N CH NW-10

Luavjan's Bono The One                          

Tango dell'Alta Via (t)
s.r. Udine du Perigord Vert
INTCH NUCH DKCH NBFK W-08 KBHW-08 SW-07 NW-07 SW-09 FIN W-09 BISS x 7 A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie Holl CH. p.E Brendo De Bruine Buck (g)
BISS SV-05 SV-06 A-Te-Ell's Madame

Myrcella & Myranda 6 weeks old.

Marey & Mirri 6 weeks old.

Marnic & Minus 6 weeks old.

Maddox & Magic 6 weeks old, both for sale.

Marey & Marnic 5 weeks

Mirri & Myranda 5 weeks.

Minus & Magic 5 weeks.

Maddox & Myrcella 5 weeks.

Myranda & Marey 4 weeks old.

Mirri & Marnic 4 weeks old.

Myrcella & Magic 4 weeks old.

Minus & Maddox 4 weeks old.

Pink & Yellow female 3 w.

Myrcelle & Green male 3 w.

Myrcelle 3 w.

Marnic & red female 3 w.

Blue male & Minus 3 w.

Blue male & Minus 3 w.

Pink & yellow female 3 w. Photos taken 26.09.2016. 3 weeks old.

Myrcella "Ella".

Photos taken 18.09.2016.

Photos taken 11.09.2016.



Blue male.


Green male.


Grey male.







Yellow female.


Pink female.


Red female.


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