Nadjarah's Lobo.

29.12.2018. Specialyy Show in Stavanger. Ecx., 3rd in h. class.

28.12.2018. Specialty Show in Stavanger. Exc. CQ, 4th best male

17.11.2018. NKK LillestrÝm Norsk Vinner. Judge: Benoit Thevenon.Exc, CQ, CACIB, CAC, Best male, Best of Breed.
Norwegian Winner 2018. Norwegian & Danish Show Champion !!

16.11.2018. NKK LillestrÝm Nordisk Vinner. Exc 1st open class.

07.04.2018.NKK Bergen. Judge: Sonia Kelveri Philippou. Exc. 1st in open class.

"2,5 years good head + express, dark eyes with good pigm.,
very well angelated, good topline, very good movement, excell temp."

18.11.2017. NKK LillestrÝm. udge: Jean Lawless. Exc, CQ, 1st open calss, Res. CAC, 4th best male.

"2 years old, good size and bone, nice silouette, still has a lot of development to do in the body,
nice head, well chisseled, exc. lips and pigment, good chisseling, good volume in muzzle, good underjaw,
good parallels, moderate stop, nice eye and expression, tall ears well set, slightly broad at the base, exc. neck, withers,
top line, steep and croup, a little narrow through the body, but he stands ok. moves well, nice side gait,
just a little close coming, good temp. good texture in the coat,

01.10.2017. BSBK Show. Judge: Jeff Luscott. Exc, CQ,, CAC, best male, BOB & 3rd BIG !!

30.09.2017. Specilaty Show in Bergen. Exc, CQ, CAC, best male, BOS.

02.07.2017. Danish Specilaty Show. Judge: Babs Robinson. Exc, CQ, CA, 2nd best male.

01.07.2017.Danish Specilaty Show. Judge: Emanuele Boriero. Exc, CQ, res. CAC, 2nd best male.

17.04.2016. Breed Show Bergen. Judge: Kim Brown.
BOS puppy.