Breakpoint's Azora of Ulthra.
06.09.2020. NBFK Vestby. Judge: Linda. VG in open class.

05.09.2012. NBFK Vestby. Judge: Tanja Hulsund.
Exc, CQ, 1st open class. CAC, 2nd best female.

18.08.2019.NKK Lillehammer. Judge: Leni Finne. VG 2nd in junior class.

"anelse lang, korr benstamme, paralelle hodelinjer velansatte anelse store Ýrer,
kunne hatt mer hals , tilstrekkelig forbryst,
kunne hatt noe mer vinklerkorr steglengde, noe lÝse albuer."

17.08.2019. Norwegian Specialty Show. Judge: Myriam Vermeire, 
Exc, CQ,CAC, Club CAC, 2nd best female, BIS junior. (Pauline & Myriam)

16 months, complete sicc. bite. Good pigmentation. Nice fem. type, square built.
Head with good prop. and paralelism. Good stop. Dark almond shaped eyes w/good expr. Small ears,
very well placed. Good neck, excelent back. Croup slig. sloping.
Good depth of chest, needs to dev. more in front. Very well angulated in front and in rear.
Good bone and pasterns. Comapact catfeet. Good coat texture and undercoat,
but colour still a bit raddish.Very good movement w/good drive. Covers enough ground, good tail.

04.08.2019. Danish Speciality Show. Judge Tom Roozen.
Exc. CQ, CAC junior, CAC, best female, BOB, BIS junior & 3rd BIS !!

"very pretty female of 16 months, excellent breedtype, complete scissorbite,
excellent head and expression, correct headlines, enough stop, expressive dark eyes,
perfect triangular ears - excellent polaced, good pigmentation,
excellent bodyconstruction with correct chest for the age, good angulation
 in front and rear, correct topline, correct croup and tail, good coat, excellent temperament,
 covering enought ground, correct movement in rear, elbows slightly moving out in front,
female of very high quality"

03.08.2019. Danish Speciality Show. Judge Saskia Vermeylen.
Exc, CQ, CAC junior, CAC, best female, BOB, BIS junior & 3rd BIS !!

"15 months, complete scissorbite, very good type of female, nice size,
medium length of head, dark almond eyes, good ears carried well, excellent pigmentation,
good topline, good angulations, chest already letting down nicely, good coat in colour and texture,
very calm easy presentation, very nice movement with excellent tailcarriage"

06.05.2019. Specilaty Show in Bergen. Judge: Sandra Duback. Exc. 3rd in juniorclass. CQ, res. CAC.

"1 year compl scissor bite, exp female, nice type of head, lovely exp, dark almond eyes,
lovely small ears well set and carried, exc pigment, could have a little more reach
of neck and accentuated withers, short body slight sloping croup, g chest for age,
nice underline, g ang front and rear, fem bone, exc feet, coat is a little wavy,
suffficent outgoing movem, g tail carrige, present and temp"


29.12.2018. Specilaty Show in Stavanger. Judge J. Ralph.
2n best female puppy, Honour Prize, VP.

28.12.2018. Specilaty Show in Stavanger. Judge M. Pratten
BOS puppy, Honour Prize, VP.